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Zone 5

The number one and most important goal of any hospital is to provide patient outcomes that meet or exceed all local state and federal standards. We cannot lose sight of this objective. To achieve excellent patient outcomes, we need to have the highest level of nursing and support staff to assist our physicians and we must provide our staff with the most advanced medical equipment and technology available.


We cannot do any of this without sound, conservative fiscal management. We are a nonprofit hospital and if we can implement a sound fiscal policy, we can reinvest our profits and ensure that our nursing and support staff receive the highest and most competitive wages and have access to the latest in technology and equipment.

The three greatest issues facing the Palomar Health District I would like to address are...


Meeting or exceeding successful patient outcomes within our hospitals.


Implementing a sound fiscal conservative policy to ensure that our nonprofit hospital can reinvest in our medical and lay staff for providing great patient outcomes. We must make prudent choices in the use of our funds.


Creating joint ventures with national partners to provide high-quality cancer care programs and clinical studies within our hospital. This gives our patients expanded access to high technology innovations

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