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Campaigns Are About Community.

 The best way to help John get re-elected to the Palomar Health Board of Directors is to spread the word about his campaign. How? Here are just a few of the ways:

1. Tell your friends. It sounds simple, but there is no better way to grow supporters than by word of mouth. Simply suggesting to voting friends to vote for John Clark for Palomar Health, Zone 5, or suggesting them to this website, is an excellent way to help.

2. Endorse John. If you are willing, John would like to put your name on his list of endorsers. To be an endorser, simply send John an email with your endorsement and granting him permission to use your name. Thanks.

3. Facebook. If you’re on Facebook, posts about John's campaign can spread the word like nothing else. As a starting point, you can “like” Johns's Facebook page in support of his campaign by clicking here

4. Yard Signs. As Election Day approaches, John will be looking for people who are willing to place one of John's election signs on their front yard. If this is something you’re willing to do, please submit your address here.

5. Host a Gathering. If you and your neighbors want to meet John, and ask him questions about his campaign or any questions about his vision for the next four years at Palomar Health, or want to discuss a particular issue, he is always willing to meet you! If you have questions you want to ask, don't hesitate to send John an email.

6. Make a Comment. If the Palomar Health Board elections come up in any setting, news article, Facebook post, etc., John would be greatly appreciative if supportive quotes were made on his behalf.

7. What about Money? John is accepting contributions to help fund his campaign efforts. Contribute today and support our movement! 

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