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Meet John

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About John

I was born and raised in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area Pennsylvania and moved to  San Diego after completing college at the University of Scranton with a degree in premedical studies.


I had recently married my wife, whom I met in high school, and like most newly arrived Californians, we wanted to be near the ocean, so we settled in Pacific Beach. We then purchased a small home in the Claremont area where we had three children and immediately began looking for more space.


We moved to Poway in 1981 and we have been here ever since. Since our arrival in Poway, we have had three more children and we were delighted to raise our family of six in this wonderful community.


We currently have 20 grandchildren with more on the way. Over the years, I’ve been very active in our church community, chairing various committees to build various school and recreational facilities. I have also had the pleasure of directing various fundraising events to benefit our community.


I have always been involved in the medical/business arena since I first arrived in California. The first company I started was a urology company that provided diagnostic equipment to multiple hospitals in Southern California on a rotating basis. I then became involved in importing expensive surgical/laser equipment that involved obtaining FDA approvals and establishing national distribution channels. I established and operated several independent medical companies in this sector of the medical marketplace. 

I learned a lot about the hospital environment as I established and operated an advanced surgical outpatient clinic on the Scripps campus in San Diego. Within the clinic, we performed plastic surgery and advanced orthopedics/spine procedures.  As a part of our operations, we had to maintain a well-qualified nursing staff and support staff to ensure successful outcomes for our physicians. Learning the mechanics of insurance and provider reimbursements became tantamount to operating the clinic. Providing advanced therapeutic laser equipment was also vital to obtaining good patient outcomes.

In addition to owning and operating an outpatient surgery center, many years later I developed and opened a brain cancer treatment center in Orange County in partnership with numerous neurosurgeons and physician specialists. Having founded a company that manufactured a multi-million device to treat brain cancer, this expertise was a real help in
getting the center operational.

I think the greatest qualification I can offer in running for the Board of Directors, is my experience gained as an elected Board member of the Palomar Health Board of Directors. These past 4 years as a board member has given me a deep insight into the operations and finances of our hospital. I have forged strong relationships with our physicians, nurses and staff and these relationships will help me be a forceful representative in seeing that quality medical care is provided for our citizens.

Why John's Running

I feel that my background and knowledge gained serving on the Palomar Health Board of Directors will be an asset to our Palomar Health District.  We are a large organization that must be governed by a Board of Directors that is professional and familiar with the people and systems that make for a well-run institution. As a Director, I have asked the tough questions and will continue to do so if elected.

Running a large hospital system is a business, and all major decisions emanate from a Board of Directors that must exercise sound fiscal financial control, passion for patient outcomes and a deep community commitment to providing compassion and care to all residents of the community.

The number one and most important goal of any hospital is to provide patient outcomes that meet or exceed all local state and federal standards. We cannot lose sight of this objective.
To achieve excellent patient outcomes, we need to have the highest level of nursing and support staff to assist our physicians and we must provide our staff with the most advanced medical equipment and technology available. We cannot do any of this without sound, conservative fiscal management. We are a nonprofit hospital and if we can implement a sound fiscal policy, we can reinvest our profits and ensure that our nursing and support staff receives the highest and most competitive wages and have access to the latest in technology and equipment.

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