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Supporters of John's Mission:

Michael Covert - Former CEO-Palomar Health Hospital District

Dr. Marcello Rivera - Former Chairman Palomar Health Board of Directors

Dr. David Tam - Former CAO Palomar Health-CEO and President Bebee Healthcare

Jean Larsen - Former President Palomar Health Foundation

Mr. Terry Green - Former President Palomar Health Foundation(under

Dr. James Bried - Orthopaedic Surgeon-Poway

Dr. Mikhail Malek - Cardiologist Escondido

Dr. Bing Pao-Emergency Room Physician - Poway

Admiral Terry Kraft - Former Commanding Officer-USS Ronald Regan

Dr. Marcelo Rivera - Family Practice- Poway

Dr. Jamie Rivas - Emergency Room Physician-Poway

Dr. David Carty - Internal medicine-Poway

Barbara Warden former San Diego City Council

John Mullen, City Council Poway

Jim Cunningham former City Council Poway

Ginger Corvette - Poway Unified School District Board Member

Sue Herndon - Realtor

Suzanna Kropf - Realtor

Jan Dunlap - Realtor

Carol Ware - candidate for Palomar Health Board of Directors
Robin Maxson - candidate for Palomar Health Board of Directors
Dr. George Kung - Retired Palomar Physician

Dr. James Bried - Palomar Physician

Dr. Daniel Mulvhill - Palomar Physician

Dr. Mikhail Malek - Palomar Physician

Dr. David Carty - Palomar Physician

Dr. Bing Pao - Palomar Physician

Dr. Casey Buitenhuys - Palomar Physician

Dr. Jaime Rivas - Palomar Physician

Dr. Ian Butler - Palomar Physician

Dr. Paul Neustein - Palomar Physician

Dr. Larry Presant - Palomar Physician

Dr. David Cloyd - Palomar Physician

Dr. Allan Schoengold - Palomar Physician

Craig Brown - Rancho Financial

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